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Symyx Draw

It enables you to draw and edit complex structures and chemical reactions
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The program enables you to draw and edit complex structures and chemical reactions with ease when searching, viewing, communicating, and archiving scientific information.
Symyx Draw allows you to use dynamic templates to create complex reactions; rapidly draw structures freehand with a single tool; annotate reaction schemes with text and arrows; make quick changes with the convenient formatting toolbar.
Powered by a superior chemistry engine Premier Symyx chemical representation supports the sophisticated chemistry underlying Symyx Draw. Create and import 1- and 3-letter peptides, DNA or RNA with powerful biomolecule drawing capabilities and use the sequence tool to easily draw crossing bonds and disulfide bridges and attach side–chain protecting groups.

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  • Question: As a teacher in Chemistry I use Symyx Draw with great satisfaction. Recently, my PC got an automatic update of Windows 10. Since then two of the three parts of the lasso tool/selection tool don't function anymore. Could you please help me with a solution?

    This application doesn't appear to be available anymore, because the original developers have been acquired by Accelrys which then they were acquired by Dassault Systèmes and now it's called BIOVIA.

    I've searched their website and Symyx Draw doesn't appear to be available. However, you can get in touch with the developer to ask for additional details:

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